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Founded in 1995, Priscilla Seaborg, Attorney at Law, serves individuals and families in Portland and the surrounding community.

Family Law

Family disputes and legal

Divorce And Domestic Partnership Dissolution

When a couple severs their relationship


Working out a plan for taking care of the kids

Federal Criminal Defense

Protection against charges in a court of law

Small Family

Looking After You And Your Family’s Future

Having practiced law here in Portland since 1985, I have the skill and the experience to serve individuals and families throughout the area. My strong history in litigation and negotiation means that my family law and criminal defense clients will benefit in the courtroom, but I firmly believe that a more collaborative approach between the parties often works best with family law.

A Seasoned Courtroom Professional

I started my legal career as a public defender in Indiana, and I feel that this valuable experience informs all my areas of practice today, making me a formidable presence in the courtroom either in criminal cases or in other areas. Since those early days, I have litigated and negotiated hundreds of criminal and family law cases. I can still be the hard-nosed defender of my client’s rights whenever the case demands it.

A Sensible Approach To Legal

I am also very involved in the less confrontational and collaborative approach to law that is often effective for family law issues. I find that litigious courtroom battles can adversely affect a family’s ability to function as a healthy unit, particularly when there are children involved. Even under the best of circumstances, a two-home family requires a great deal of coordination between the parents and their lawyers if the agreement is to work. A commitment to a reasoned and collaborative approach can be effective for the following:

The cornerstones of any happy family include respect, fairness and trust. We foster these beliefs in our legal work so that families can move smoothly into a future rooted in optimism.

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