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Even after your divorce, you continue to want what is best for your children. Coming up with the right child custody and visitation or parenting plan is the first step. At the Portland office of Priscilla Seaborg, Attorney at Law, I believe it is all about the best interests of your children, whether you are involved in a divorce, domestic partnership dissolution, or you are unmarried.

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Custody and parenting time are very sensitive and emotional issues involved in family law cases. I have worked with hundreds of parents to reach a resolution that is in the best interests of both my clients and their children. I have successfully litigated many custody cases, achieving the custody and parenting arrangement my client desired.

Child Custody

If possible, I believe that mediation should be attempted when children are involved. If we resolve your child custody dispute through mediation, you will be able to work out your own custody and visitation or parenting time schedule with your co-parent. When you decide to pursue litigation, you allow a judge to make the final decision regarding your parenting plan. I encourage parents to work out their parenting agreement and to develop a schedule that works for their family, if possible. If we cannot resolve the custody and parenting time issues, I will zealously litigate your case.

Modification Of Parenting Plans

Times and circumstances change, and your child custody and support plan should change with them. I handle post-divorce modifications to custody, child support and spousal support for families throughout Oregon. Child support is very straightforward, as it is determined by Oregon guidelines, based on income, medical insurance and other factors.

Father’s Rights

Many fathers do not realize that they have parental rights too. I help fathers who want to be proactive and involved in the lives of their children. From child custody and visitation or parenting time schedules to child support plans, I help fathers protect their parental rights.

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