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Attorney at Law

Experienced Guidance Through A Challenging Time

Going through a divorce may be one of the most emotionally difficult things you ever do. Retain a lawyer who will provide you with options throughout negotiations, but is willing to protect your rights in court as well. At the Portland office of Priscilla Seaborg, Attorney at Law, I provide divorce law counsel for families throughout Oregon. I represent both traditional families and LGBTQ couples in the dissolution of marriage.

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When it comes to divorce law, litigation or mediation are your options. I generally encourage my clients to negotiate a favorable settlement when possible, but I am ready to litigate if that is what my client wants. When children are involved, I believe it is better to work together to reach a resolution that works for your family. I do not believe it is effective to get into a dispute that encourages hostility and bitterness, but I am ready and willing to litigate to protect the rights of my clients in the following areas:

  • Child custody: When it comes to the future of your children, you may have more rights than you realize. I can help you protect those rights, including issues involving custody and parenting time.
  • Child support: Your child support plan will be determined based on a number of factors and guidelines determined by the state of Oregon.
  • Property distribution: Property distribution can be a complex and contentious issue. I can assist you in reaching a fair and equitable solution.
  • Spousal support: Maintenance, transitional or compensatory support may be appropriate in your case.

Divorce Resolution

When encouraging my clients to work out a fair settlement, mediation may offer the most control over each aspect of a divorce. Divorce law litigation can be costly and will leave your final settlement in the hands of a judge. By pursuing mediation and/or negotiation, you have the final word. Of course, I am always willing to pursue litigation when a fair settlement cannot be reached. In cases involving violence or abusive behavior, mediation is generally not an option. Given my 25 years experience litigating cases involving domestic violence, I have the expertise and experience to navigate a safe and fair resolution.

Domestic Violence, Restraining Orders And Stalking

If the dissolution of your marriage involves incidents of domestic violence or stalking, I can help you take action to get the protection you and your family deserve. I have handled many divorce cases involving domestic violence, helping clients get restraining orders, and making sure they feel safe throughout the divorce process.

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