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Gifts that miss the mark can affect relationships

For many Oregon residents, gifts can be a way to express and receive love. Some people might even be offended if their partner didn't give them a gift around the holidays. Presents often symbolize the status of the relationship, which can make gift shopping a stressful experience.

For example, reflect on your own relationships and think about the role that gifts played. Did you ever get a truly awful gift? What about perfect ones? In fact, gift-giving can change the way you see your marriage.

Picture books that LGBT families can enjoy

Do you remember reading picture books as a child? Maybe you snuggled in a recliner with your Grandma. Or perhaps your dad sat down on the floor and read to you. When you went to bed you may have enjoyed story time with mom. You probably had a favorite story. There was that one book that you had memorized before you learned how to read.

Maybe you can still recall the words. Thats how powerful picture books are. Stories give us our first glimpse into this big world we live in. Picture books reinforce values to children. The stories and illustrations often mirror a child’s daily life. You want your child to see themselves on the page. It is important that they can learn from picture books. It is best if your child can see a scenario just like theirs reflected on the page.

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