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The rights of a divorced father

Only in rare circumstances do divorced fathers’ win sole custody of their children. As a result, many of them typically wind up becoming part-time parents, only seeing their children on certain days and missing out on many of their day-to-day activities.

Entering a same-sex marriage? Know the legal pros and cons

Ever since same-sex marriage was legalized throughout the United States in 2015, many LGBTQ couples have been eager to walk down the aisle. Marriage can be a beautiful ceremony to cement a couple’s commitment to each other. It can also be a big legal hassle.

Picture books that LGBT families can enjoy

Do you remember reading picture books as a child? Maybe you snuggled in a recliner with your Grandma. Or perhaps your dad sat down on the floor and read to you. When you went to bed you may have enjoyed story time with mom. You probably had a favorite story. There was that one book that you had memorized before you learned how to read.

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